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Earn passive income. Stake your coins and earn interests

Deposit your Crypto and stablecoin and earn over 50% Annual interest. You can expect super fast and low cost network fees when using TapSwap Protocol.

What is TapSwap Dex?

TAPSwap is a decentralised exchange protocol built primarily on the Binance Smartchain Network.

Similar to Uniswap, TapSwap enables to users swap tokens and add liquidity from one a single point across Dex platform..

TapSwap is also Yield aggregator similar to Beefy Finance. Non-Custodial wallet connection, no need for KYC, features Dex aggregator where you can swap on different Liquidity pools and you always control your funds for a completely decentralized experience

TapSwap DApp APPS

Enter the TapSwap Decentralised exchange simple UI ecosystem, here you can mange everything from your mobile, tablet or pc/laptop just by connecting to any wallet.

TapSwap is designed in a similar style as other Swaps UI’s to facilitate the fastest adoption.

  • Non-Custodial Wallet integration via Web3, no KYC required
  • No more expensive fees on Binance Smartchain
  • Dynamic Yield Farm Emission Rate increased backed by Real Economic Demand
  • Security - Migrator code has been removed on TAPSWAP's Contracts
  • DEX and DEFI Yield Aggregator


April 2021

Launch of TAPS Farming and Pool

April 11, 2021

Token ILO Contribution Starts

April 2020

Bug Bounty

June 2021

TapSwap V1 Mainnet

April 14, 2021

Staking rewards

May 2021

Partnership for the future EcoSystem

May 30, 2021

Apeswap LP Migration

June 2021

Airdrop Campaign

July 2021

More Dex aggregator - Looking Positive!

October 2021

TapSwap Pay Beta

August- September 2021

TapSwap Dex
Marketing Drive

November-December 2021

Mobile Application Development

January 2022

Alpha Launch


The TAPSwap Team combines a passion for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, blockchain & decentralization & customer satisfaction.

Klensch Paul (KAP) Arca
Head of Marketing
Lee (Teddy) Gadian
Project Manager
Breech Oracion
Technology Specialist
Team 1
Community & Social


TAPS Community

Strategic Partners

Frequently asked questions FAQS

Below we’ve provided a bunch of frequently asked questions relating to TapSwap Protocol and TAPS Token Liquidity Offering.  If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

Unlike other forks that are built on Uniswap , TapSwap is built with fiat on-ramp a convenient way to buy cryptocurrencies and DEX aggregators to allow more swap option when slippage is high

You can use BNB, USDT ,BTC ETH and ADA or any cryptocurrency as long as it is BEP20 token on Binance Smartchain

Because we are decentralised, we do not expect customers to complete KYC's, therefore anyone can participate in our token ILO distribution through the "buy now" links on this page. Please note that the official and only place to purchase TAPS is on this site and sub-domain and

TAPS token holders will receive upto 50% APY (will vary depending on TVL) atm and a share of liquidity provider rewards at 1300% atm, stake BNB-TAPS LP token for farming and staking benefits.

Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO) is only available from this website and all buyers and contributors will be able to view their balance through the dashboard. The ILO begins on April 9 ,2021.

TAPS Tokens will be distributed to your Binance Smartchain supportedwallet (BEP-20 compatible wallets) immediately (Trustwallet,Safepal Wallet and Metamask wallet

TAPS Token will be listed on TapSwap and Pancakeswap first and then we will look at some centralised exchanges when necessary.

All tokens will be used for future development,marketing,Audit,listing, community rewards and general protocol upgrades, server costs . Only the Dev will receive a 10 % from the new Tokens minted or Farming rewards.

There is no limit on minting TAPS Token but its inflation is controlled at low minting rate. 100,000 will be available in the ILO sale. 50 % or 50,000 Tokens will remain for development and other distribution as per the distribution charts above.

The TAPS token sale will start on the 9/4/2021 and run until the 20/05/2021.

TAPS Token is a utility token and for the purpose of staking rewards, governance, liquidity and main swapping pair on the TapSwap Protocol.It will be used for Launcpad Project and listing requirements.

100,000 TAPS token have been pre-minted and supply increase at very low inlfation 0.005 TAPS per block or 144 TAPS token daily rewards for liquidity Providers on FARM and POOL.

unsold TAPS for liquidity purposes will be placed in a Reserve wallet for OTC when slippage is High. This means you can buy token directly from TAPSWAP Reserve and not on the Swap pool .

The Project Teams (5%) Vesting Monthly schedule: 50% will be locked for a period of 12 months from ILO. 50% will be locked for a period of 24 months from ILO.

Visit buy and DM admin for guide how to buy.

TapSwap is a completely decentralised protocol, therefore anyone can buy tokens for use on our platform from any country.

No, we aren't using KYC in our token sale.

You can use any Binance Smartchain token compatible wallet, we always recommend using your own standalone wallet as then you own your own keys.

We haven't set a softcap as the development is entirely funded by the founders and team already.

You will be able to use TapSwap V1 before the end May (30/5/2021)

We will be launching a bug bounty in the coming days and will publish the details in a news article on this site and on Medium

This is a good question and something we have been questioned a lot about. We are open to considering rewarding first adopters who use our swap protocol potentially via an airdrop in the not too distant future.

Contact the TapSwap Team CONTACT

Got a question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

  • twitter:@tapswapdex
  • telegram:@tapswapdex

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